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Something kinda freakin' awesome? [ profile] kay_greatness, and [ profile] mad_lynn made this.

go here to see

Yeah just a quick post.
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I don't know how many of you are aware (If you got the message from the xfiles board you are) but there is a Mulder ave, and a Scully way. Oh yes peoples. I am going to have to go to Ottawa, Ontario. Why you ask? DID YOU NOT READ WHAT I JUST WROTE! MULDER AND SCULLY ROADS IS OTTAWA!!! OMG!!! AND IT IS ONLY TWENTY HOURS TO DRIVE THERE!!!!!!! :D OMG AWESOME! I have to go. Me and [ profile] kay_greatness, [ profile] omg_wtf_yeah, and [ profile] mad_lynn have to go. It's just a fact. We're going to take pictures, and will hopefully go there like.... next year! :D ♥!!!

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I haven't posted this week. I am too lazy to actually do something real... so you know whateves. :D I've been cleaning and wrapping things up, you know because I hate doing shit. I got new clothes recently. Anywho down to bidnis. To cut or not to cut? Ehhh... no cut for the moment.

So I have been watching interviews with Micheal Shanks, David Hewlett, Joe Flanigan, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and a couple of other people, and you know everyone knows that the character they are portraying is considered gay by an overwhelming percentage. But none of them tries fake that they don't know... except Micheal Shanks. I watched him at one the the first cons, and when asked he got this stupid confused look, and said something like 'I never really thought about that before. I guess... I don't really know.' and I was BS. Then I watch a much later one, and Christopher Judge was there, and he was being asked a question about his relationship with Jack O'Neill. One of the women in the front row apparently mimed a blow job, to her friend, and Judge copied it, and Shanks just looked confused, and smiled like they were special people. I am like 'SHANKS YOUR CHARACTER IS CONSIDERED GAY BY AN MAJORITY OF YOUR FANS!!! Get over it.' and he is all 'I don't think... I don't know... You just... yeah. Moving on'.

I mean everyone knows and acknowledges the fact that they are very, very, very gay in the fandom. Hewlett knows. He has said stuff about it! (I need to go to one of these cons.) Flanigan is a little more clueless but he knows! Ohhhh he knows. Quinto, is very aware, and I am almost sure he is bi... or an actor who knows. Pine knows. EVERYONE KNOWS AND MAKES MENTION ON IT! SHANKS YOU ARE INSANE JUST ACCEPT YOU ARE VERY, VERY GAY IN YOUR FANDOM!!!!

I don't even watch SG-1. I haven't watched like any of that show. He might get raped, and kidnapped, and come on to by women... but he is a very, very bi man, in the minds of fans. You know even David Marchiano has mentioned it for his own fandom. God. I want to write just so I can have fan fiction. :D I would live for that. I would encourage that! :D I would want to act just so I could read fan fiction about the characters! I kinda hate that Shanks pretends so much. It makes me mad. I sometimes want someone to hit him. I love that he has kiss every member of his team at the cons (You know except O'Neill. But I am pretty sure it's only because he never goes to them.) :D I wish Flanigan, and Hewlett would do it. But Shanks is just such a liar...

anywho... I probably should've done a cut.... ahhhh well. XD
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Hey, just counting down the top 10 females I'd go gay for, my favorite gay couples that are rocking, the few het couples I ship for, and the hottest men I have ever seen. :D Let's go!

listies! :D )
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Happy big V day [bitches]. How's the holiday treating ya? :D I have a banner prepared. Just follow the cut.

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Jan. 4th, 2009 08:52 pm
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I am like "...?" to Stargate: Atlantis.

McShep all the ways... I have also decided that I kinda love David Hewlett because he loves the word adorkable. You know what? So do I!!!! :D So yeah...

I just got into SGA, :( and it's ending. ): It makes me sad. But anywho, whatever. YAYZ LIBRARY CARRIES SGA!!!! HAHAHAH! I win. :D

Made of win and awesome. :D

Love ya.
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Go see

Dec. 30th, 2008 11:37 pm
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SEVEN POUNDS!!! GO SEE IT!!! Why?!?!?!? WHY!?!?! IT'S WILL FUCKING SMITH!!! HE IS DA BOMB. I LOVES HIM SOOO!!!!! It will tug at your heart. And might I say even though it is in poor taste. He is fine!!!! :D I loved Seven Pounds, and it is a buy. :D Even if it made me cry.
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Sooo.... yeah I just thought you guys should know. Vecchio is totally gay for Benton Fraser. So is Kowalski. But I am going to start with way Vecchio is.

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