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Birthdate:Dec 23
Location:Florida, United States of America
I'm Katie, and am a college student... weirdly though I still have the same amount of free time. I suppose general stuff here... I'm 5'8", have brown hair, blue/green eyes, and I still play with dolls. I like to write, and I love using PS CS3!! :D I believe myself pretty alright with most of what I do.

I like new people. In all likelihood if you friend me I'll friend you... unless you have done something I think is wrong... (That could be anything.)

On a side note sims 3 is cool. But Sims 3 and Sims 2 needs to have a mega awesome baby. (I like Sims 2's graphics better, but I love the features of Sims 3.)

Also just want to say thanks to everyone! Thanks for taking a peek!

As I said before obsessed. ;) I love my fandom and am a strong shipper. I am shocked to say I love sci-fi. I never thought it could happen. Though my first fandom was when I was a wee lass and it was X-Files... guess I should've seen it coming. Since then I have gained several tv shows, and love them no less.

X-Files is my original fandom.
Homicide: Life on the Streets is my gimpy fandom.
Due South is my first bi-ship fandom.
Stargate: Atlantis is my awesome fandom.
Star Trek is my future fandom.
Boston Legal is my omg fun fandom.
Torchwood is my big gay fandom.
I love them with everything.

Hiya I run two comms on lj.

[profile] ds_contest

[profile] scotty_uhura

Hope you participate!!

so I've like been watching supernatural. Been reading dean/cas. Watched half of the first season. Like four episodes from the fourth. Maybe two from the fifth. I kinda dig it... maybe?

Hiya I am doing a prompt table for sga John/Rodney. So I am going to put it here and in my journal.

Underlined and bold means it's filled.

The table is by [community profile] mcsheplets
thigh holster flight pillow denim missing
irresistable pwp sunrise first time harlequin
injured/handicapped grass myth if cat
t-shirt down time boredom frown frottage
fluff marriage return under the influence flustered
puddlejumper numb trust anniversary coming out
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