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title: Flustered proposal
fandom: stargate: atlantis
author: [ profile] murderdetective
rating: pg
pairing: John/Rodney
word count: 873
warnings: pre-established pairing
summary: Rodney has something weighing both his pocket and his mind, and the only thing he can think is ABORT MISSION! ABORT!!!
disclaimer: The following characters belong to me not. That makes me sad… but the premise is mine :)
beta: No... sorry.



Rodney nervously hovered outside John’s office; though John used his office rarely he did in fact have one. Rodney had seen it on to other occasions: first it was outside the normal parameters of most peoples’ routes through the city. Perhaps a strategy for max avoidance of people? Yes. In addition to be on the outskirts, it was small: only having enough room for a desk, (facing away from the large window) one chair behind the desk, and two in front, and not much else. The only reason John used it was when Rodney shooed him out of the lab, and he really needed to finish long overdue mission reports.

Rodney took a deep breath, wiped his hands on his thighs, and resolved to go in... Rodney stood rooted to just before the entry. He hadn’t passed by the open so he could just turn around... but he told himself yesterday he would do it today. Rodney resolved to talk to John tomorrow, besides John really should do those reports, Rodney reasoned silently. Subconsciously patting his pocket and Rodney turned around to leave.

“Rodney, would you stop hovering in the doorway and come in here; you’re making me jittery.” John said not looking up from his sheaf of blue papers, that Rodney could not remember the purpose of. Rodney leaned over to peer into the room smiling tensely at John.

Rodney stepped into the room like a child in trouble; he looked down.

“Ah... you saw me? Um. Sorry... I just have... um science, astrophysics stuff to do. Ah. I’ll just be on my way then.” Rodney said turning tail and he almost lifted his foot to dart out.

“McKay.” John snapped; John never used his last name any more... well except when he was really, really mad.

“You’ve been skittering away anytime... I don’t even know what time. You’ve just randomly been behaving weird, and hurrying off to ‘yell, at um... someone’. Are you breaking up with me? Please tell me what’s up Rodney.” John finished softly. Rodney felt John’s eyes on the back of his neck, and shivered.

Rodney didn’t look up, but he did shuffle his feet from side to side. He felt abashed; Rodney hadn’t exactly realized what one would think outside of his own head about spontaneously freaking out and fleeing as quickly as possible. Slowly Rodney turned to face John... well to face the floor in front of his feet, but in the general direction of John.

“Well... um. John, you see...” Rodney took a deep breath, and let it out in a rush of words. “Iwanttomarryyou.” Rodney stopped to look at John, and rushed on before John could speak.

“I know that your military is stupid, and we can’t actually get married... but I got you a ring, and you don’t have to wear it.” Rodney paused again to take a deep breath, and look at John; John’s face was a little confused, and mostly shocked. At least that was how Rodney saw it.

“But it would mean a lot to me if you said yes, and if your military was ever not stupid... we could um... get married.” Rodney said sheepishly shuffling his feet back and forth, and ducked his head avoiding John’s eyes.

Rodney felt John’s eyes still on him. The only sound was their soft breathing. Rodney shifted on his feet quietly, avoiding John’s eyes.

“You got me a ring?” John said very slowly. Rodney fumbled into his pocket and pulled out a black box. Worrying it between his hand Rodney took two steps forward to put it on John’s desk. Rodney sat down slowly; he watched as John reached for the small black box, and flicked the lid open. The ring, Rodney knew was a simple wide platinum band with a square diamond in the center. Rodney had looked at enough since he bought it... two months ago.

“Rodneyyy, did you go to Jared?” John drawled, now clearly amused.

“Oh for god’s sake! Give it back. It was a stupid idea.” Rodney huffed and shot up and jerked his hand out for the ring box.

“I want to keep it.” John stated simply; John leaned back in his chair, looking at the ring in his hand. Rodney’s impatience was struck dumb by that statement.

“What?!” Rodney noticed his voice was a little high with shock, but ignored it in place of feeling more shock.

“I said, I. want. to. keep. it.” John enunciated each word clearly.

“Oh... Really?” Rodney asked, quiet now.

“Yes Rodney.” John said, looking over and grinned brightly at Rodney.

“Oh... well. Excellent. Good. Great. I’ve got to go now.” Rodney said, and turned to the exit.

“Rodneyyy.” John said.

“What?” Rodney squeaked.

John stood and side stepped his desk, and turned Rodney around.

“I would love to marry you as soon as my ‘stupid’ military allows.” John scoffed the word stupid, and smiled goofily at Rodney.

“You said that.” Rodney said softly.

“Yes, but you didn’t kiss me. Typically when people propose, and the propose-e says yes the proposer kisses them.” John drawled.

“Ah yes of course. Perhaps I should rectify that.” Rodney said. Licking his lips, Rodney leaned in pressing his lips to John’s.


Here is the ring. If you notice this is a MAN ring. Oh yes.

Looks a wee bit (By wee exactly) like the ring he got Katie Brown.

Got it for John... ;)

Well that’s it here...

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