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title: trust exercises
fandom: stargate: atlantis
author: [ profile] murderdetective
rating: PG
pairing: mcshep
word count: 631
summary: Team trust exercises... you know like the F.B.I. ~.^
disclaimer: Sadly this never occurred in the real show, and trust me I would make them do silly shit like this if I owned. So no I own nothing.



Rodney stared resolutely at his computer screen ignoring John standing in front of his desk.

“Rodddneyyy, we have to do this.” John drawled leaning forward to press Rodney standard Atlantis issue laptop closed. Rodney still ignored him as the laptop closed with a small click. Rodney got up and walked to the only white board without math scribbled over it.

“Rodney. This is mandatory.” John said his tone sharp now.

Rodney picked up a black dry erase marker, and stood there holding the marker poised in the air.

“McKay.” John growled.

“Colonel, I feel no inclination to do these so called ‘trust exercises’. I trust you enough to be on your team and put myself in mortal danger. I think our trust is strong enough in each other.” Rodney said plainly going back to ignoring John to continue to stare at the white board.

“Come on. We have to be there now.” John said, ignoring Rodney’s yelp of surprise when John grabbed him by the shoulder and steered him out the door.


“Am I allowed to voice my disgust at having to be here?” Rodney asked glowering at John while handing him another chair to hand off to Teyla. They were building a tower out of chairs to reach a tiny bell hanging above them. The tower had to be sturdy enough for someone to climb up there and ring the bell.

“Have you not been doing that for the last fifteen minutes McKay?” John scowled turning to give Teyla the chair, who fitted it in neatly. John looked for Ronon who they had sent to get the next bunch of chairs.


Being the first to reach the bell John’s team was allowed to have a break for fifteen minutes before they would move on to the next event.


Three events later, it seemed Rodney had grumbled himself out. At least he wasn’t complaining every five seconds anymore. The last event was to fall into each of your team mate’s arms. First was Ronon.

Rodney scowled but faced away from Ronon, closed his eyes, and fell backwards. Ronon caught him easily under the arms, and then pushed him to the side grinning, before catching Teyla and then John.

Rodney’s turn was next. Rodney caught Teyla with no incident, Rodney also caught John easily. Though Ronon did trust Rodney to catch him, Ronon accepted the fact that he would probably squish Rodney. They fell to the floor with a solid thump.

“Well at least he trusts you.” John said through his laughter. Teyla reached her hand out to Ronon, who took it and got to his feet, before pulling Rodney on to his.

Teyla of course caught everyone gracefully and easily. Rodney scowled a little as Teyla caught Ronon without too much trouble.

“It’s not fair. She’s itty bitty.” Rodney’s mouth let it slip before his brain could tell it ‘NO! GOOD GOD NO!’

Teyla laughed before shaking her head slightly.

They got back into line to fall into John’s arms.

As expected John caught Teyla easily, though John did grunt when Ronon fell backwards.

Rodney looked skeptically at John who was smiling at him.

“Rodney, turn around so we can be done with this. You just have to fall.” John said.

Rodney scowled but leveled his gaze with John.

“Come on Rodney. Do you trust me?” John said pouting a little now.

“Fine.” Rodney said, closing his eyes, Rodney fell backwards into John’s warm arms. He opened them to look up at John.

“See you can trust me.” John pushed him back to his feet. Rodney nodded moving away.

“Alright, team. We are done. You may go back to whatever it is you were planning to before.” John said with a grin on his face.


The end

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