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Dear Torchwood: COE

Day one, I liked you. Though what some people might not of noticed, you killed Grey, Myfanway, Janet, the rift machine, everything. You even took Gwen's picture. Not to mention a multitude of bodies that were never touched on. We also met up with Ianto's family. That's cool. Oh and Jack has a kid? AND a grandchild. But still I liked you. Also Gwen being preggers was cool. :)

Day two, you took Jack. I was cool with that. Ianto, and Gwen are on the run. I was even starting to warm up to Lois. Though she can't replace anyone. We already have two bleeding hearts. We don't need a third. The telling Ryhs about the baby was cool. Torchwood 4 is awesome! Also John Barrowman bared all. I was a very happy camper. You know I liked you even better than Day One.

Day three, IANTO JONES WAS COCKBLOCKED!!! :( *Pout* Not cool Ryhs and your beans. Not cool. Wardrobe change! Awesome! Army surplus? Even better. Actually still warming up to Lois... (Not replacing anyone.) overall good job day three. Not quite as good as Day Two. But really you have to compete with naked Jack.

Day four, I still was liking you. I liked alot about you. Lois was cool in it. (Still not allowed to replace anyone... but still.) You killed Ianto Jones. You killed Ianto Jones. You KILLED Ianto Jones. Why? Just why? It was very romantic. It was a nice classy death. I'll give you that. But you still killed him. Just... why? You know what Torchwood Day Four.... fuck you.

Day five, aliens getting high off kids. Jack and Gwen giving up. Gwen's recording. It wasn't very cool. I didn't really like you overall. I thought killing Jack's grandson was lame. I didn't care at all. I didn't care about Jack's family. I didn't care from the beginning about them. But okay. The worlds children are saved. Horay. But Ianto's still dead. I just can't bring myself to care at all. Then a 'six months later'? Okay. Meeting on a hill over looking the city? Fine. Jack running away? Leaving a heavily preggers Gwen to I don't know rebuild Torchwood, try and stop the threat of the rift, aliens, and anything else that her bleeding heart fancies. You left her alone. Ianto's still dead. Am I alone in thinking that there is something incredibly wrong here? The Jack I know would... I don't know do something.

I'm sorry Torchwood but you are so over for me. I will not watch your new series. I will not even attempt to. I might, might read about it. But no. Not unless the coffee boy is back. There are actually so many ways to bring him back too. You're a sci-fi show. You are a sci-fi show. You. Are. A. Sci-fi. Show. That means no one is really dead. You can bring back whomever you please.

Not to mention you killed off three main characters in five episodes. THREE! But it's not my issue anymore. Torchwood ended tonight for me. I close the book, and say ciao bella.

Save Ianto Jones


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