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I have letters.

Dear X-Files, I wished I would find you well all these years later. Sadly you have disappointed. I loved you for a good 6 and half seasons. I have them. Every single one. But you let me down in the last three. Sure you managed to hit on one or two episodes... but it wasn't enough to save you.

Mulder... you don't have brain cancer. You shouldn't have been abducted. You never should've left the show. You were awesome. You were Scully's touchstone. As she was yours. But you left. And then had Skinner represent you when you were on trial for murder. You didn't really want to believe in the new addition. You just were along for the ride. You never liked psychics. You didn't trust them... and really... a pedophile too? Whatever I give you that. I'm sorry... you still kick ass. But it still annoys me.

Scully, babies are not cool. You being pregnant was stupid, and I wish it didn't happen. Who missed Mulder breathing? Why wasn't there an autopsy? Really? Just why? Also Dogget is lame ass compared to Mulder who you seemed to randomly forget for an episode or two. You having the baby then giving it away was lame. I hated it. Why'd you do it? 'The darkness' is so lame. Why'd you say it? When Mulder asks for help you have to do it. That was his condition on going back you and I both know that. Why did you leave him? Why did you think a short almost break-up was cool. You are not a brain surgeon... it's not like cutting up dead bodies. It's completely different. Why you have such long hair? The bob was a trade mark. I'm sorry. You're still awesome... but it still makes you a little suck ass.

F.B.I... a wild monkey could find Mulder and Scully. You suck.

Skinner, why'd you have to kill Krycek? But you were kinda cool in the new movie... you had an Iphone. I saw it.

Dear Homicide, You just ruined it for me. I mean I know you loved dealing blow after blow after blow... but the 7th sucked. The 6th wasn't much better.

Tim... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Frank, why'd you leave? I know... but... still... why?

Ballard, Gardi, Falson, and Stivers, you all suck.

Renee, good job. Thank you for helping Tim.

Kay... You left.

Munch, you just kept trucking along. Good job.

Meldrick, I know. I know. I know. I'm sorry.

Mikey, he deserved it.

Beau, R.I.P.

Bolander, good to seeing ya.

Mikey 2, you were alright. But you never struck a cord.

Corsetti, R.I.P.

Gee, R.I.P.

Dear Stargate: Atlantis, why'd you even try for the fouth and fifth seasons? You managed maybe one or two good episodes. I am still trying so hard to like you... but I just... can't.

McKay, why? Why? Why? Why? Jennifer Keller? She's in voodoo. I understand that because you are dating her you have constant access to a doctor... but really? Just lame.

John, You irrationally seemed to dislike Keller. and I love you for that.

Teyla, babies aren't cool. Mystery fathers are also uncool. No you are not allowed to go out on missions while preggers. That's just logic. Also mystery fathers that are random unnamed Athosian? Really. Lame.

Ronon, Keller? Really? Whatever. You totally dropped the ball with Teyla. Actually you sent the ball over to the omc.

Lizibeth, I miss you.

Beckett, I really liked you... but you coming back in the way you did was so lame.

Carter... you were alright... but you didn't have John's respect... at all.

Woolsy, you suck.

Keller, You are so annoyingly bland, yet caring, and sarcastic. It wasn't cool. I understand the writers didn't know what to do with you... but still. No.

Vegas, you kick ass.

Dear Star Trek, you are the first and only fandom whose television series never disappointed. You are the only one that I can say that to. *Thumbs up*

Kirk, you're not dead, and stay awesome.

Spock, you rock.

McCoy, you're cool.

Scotty, stay scottish.

Uhura, stay classy.

Chekov, you're mildly fine... whatever

Sulu, keep doing that Sulu voice.

Dear Torchwood, you are dead to me. I thought you were awesome. I thought you were really something grand. But... you are so dead to me since Day Four. I mean I'll always ♥ seasons one and two. But I just can't... no not anymore.

Jack, you are a true space whore. You are so deeply in love with Ianto. But you couldn't say 'I love you' to him. Really? Fine. You can fix this. Tosh, Owen, and Ianto. Just fix Ianto. Just fix him. Just fix him if you have to choose.

Ianto, I miss you so much. I really do. But you are still the most kickass tea boy ever. Just wait for Jack to fix this. He has to.

Gwen, I really like you. You were cool in COE. Despite the bad things that happened. I still like you. Just make sure not to tempt me.

Owen, you loved Tosh. R.I.P.

Tosh, R.I.P.

Dear Due South, you know... I like you pretty good. But you still just let me down sometimes. You just do. It's not really your fault. I mean I like Ray K and I like Ray V... but I don't want to choose.

Benny, stay cute.

Ray K, you're awesome.

Ray V, Stella? Really? Lame.

That's it for now.
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